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Oct 042014

Only those who do it, can really understand how tough it can be running a business! If you are ready to take your business to the next level, and funding limitations are getting in the way of growth, we have the solution.

Everybody’s talking about it! UK based platforms have seen an explosive growth in crowdfunding companies offering different criteria for lending, so knowing which one to choose can be a little bewildering . Whichever route you choose, be that equity, (where you give shares in the company in return for upfront investment), rewards or a loan from ‘the crowd’ otherwise known as peer to peer lending, you’ll need to know who’s who in the UK crowdfunding scene and that’s where we can help.

10 great benefits that crowdfunding offer

  • It provides access to capital.
  • It hedges risk.
  • It serves as a marketing tool
  • It gives proof of concept.
  • It allows crowdsourcing of brainstorming
  • It introduces prospective loyal customers.
  • It’s easier than traditional applications
  • It’s free PR.
  • It provides the opportunity of pre-selling
  • It can be free!*

Reassuringly, the Financial Conduct Authority has developed a Code of Conduct, which its members sign up to and which is designed to develop a responsible industry and help grow momentum behind this type of investment, so let’s get started.

*Talk to Mike! 0845 4021757     mike@moaifa.co.uk


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