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Mar 162017

Mike Oliver Associates are the main sponsors for Haywards Heath Lions Club SWIMARATHON  held at Dolphin Leisure Centre on Good Friday 14th April. To join your team to the event go to http://www.hhlionsswim.co.uk/ in support Chailey Heritage Foundation in their new project – the D.R.E.A.M. Centre. We are very grateful for all of your donations.  Thank you.

Protection For You And Your Company


ProtectionProtection For you

Life may seem nice and secure at the moment but who knows what could be waiting around the corner?  You may have:

  • Dependants
  • A mortgage or other debts
  • Potential inheritance tax issues
  • A business – Partnership & Shareholder Protection
  • Key members of staff that you wish to protect

We are experts at analysing your protection needs, giving appropriate advice and helping you to make the right choice for your budget. Speak in confidence to us on 0845 4021757 or tell us your requirements on the Contact Us page and we will get straight back to you.

  • 96% of the population do not have adequate income protection cover.
  • Concerned about being made redundant?
  • How you will pay your mortgage if unable to work due to accident or illness?
  • Critical illness cover?

For accident sickness and unemployment insurance we offer products from a selected panel of providers.

Your home or property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or any other debt secured on it.

If you think you could be paying too much for your existing cover or would like to customise it, we offer a FREE no obligation comparison quote on all your existing policies.

Life Cover – pays a cash lump sum to your family or someone else you have nominated, if you die while you’re covered.  A policy can also pay a cash lump sum if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Serious Illness Cover – pays you a cash lump sum if you are diagnosed with a condition covered. The amount you are paid is based on the severity of your condition.  If you claim for a condition that is less severe many policies will pay out part of your cover amount, and the insurer can continue to cover you for the remaining amount.  This means that if your condition gets worse, or you are diagnosed with a  more severe condition, you can claim again.

Critical illness insurance or critical illness cover is an insurance product, where the insurer is contracted to typically make a lump sum cash payment if the policyholder is diagnosed with one of the critical illnesses listed in the insurance policy.

Income Protection Cover – pays you a monthly income if you become ill, injured or disabled and can’t work.  Primary and Comprehensive Income Protection Cover will pay you until you are well enough to go back to work, or until you reach the end of your plan.  Short Term Income Protection Cover can pay you a monthly income for up to 2 years.

Cover that will help pay off your mortgage – Decreasing insurance helps to protect your family financially if you have a repayment mortgage or loan.  As what you owe reduces over time, so does the amount of cover. This helps keep costs lower.

We’d like to help you protect your baby – some providers can give each new parent £10,000 free life insurance as a first step towards protecting your family. Terms and conditions, and exclusions apply, so please ask us.

Education Cover – if something happens to you, this gives your family payments each academic term.  It means your children won’t miss out on any part of  school life.

Disablility Cover – can protect you from the financial impact of a disability.  Policies can cover anything form temporary to severe disablilities that last the rest of your life.

Protection For Your Company

Our advisers can work with you to help you to future-proof your business. Have you asked yourself these questions lately…
  • Would there be a financial impact on the business if one or more of the directors/partners or key individuals were no longer around?
  • Would the business or its owners have the cash to survive?empty boardroom
  • How quickly would the business or owners need the cash?
  • Where would the business or business owners get the cash from if the worst happened?
  • Are there any liabilities (eg loans)?
  • Are there any personal loans from the directors/partners/members into the business?
  • Are any of these loans subject to personal guarantees?

Why leave it to chance?

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